If It's Going to Rain for Your Outdoor Wedding, Protect Your Dress From Bad Weather

If you live an area with unpredictable weather, you've probably been scanning the news eagerly for any hint of rain. If the worst is in the forecast, you can still have the wedding you want and keep your dress safe. 

Protecting the Underside of Your Dress

A lot of damage can happen to a wedding dress from simply touching the wet ground. Dirt can quickly seep into long trains and work its way up your skirt. Wet leaves and other debris can adhere to your skirt and stain it.

You can prevent a lot of this damage by asking your bridesmaids to lift your train so it doesn't drag in the mud. When you arrive at the altar, have a cute, outdoor rug waiting for you to separate your dress from the ground.

If you have enough time before the wedding, consider asking your dress shop to make the train detachable. This service usually can be done for an additional fee, but for some dress models; it can't be done. Talk to a shop like RashawnRose to learn more.

If your dress doesn't have a train, you can purchase a bridal petticoat to go under the dress. This petticoat should be slightly longer than your dress, so make sure it matches. If you're certain it's going to rain heavily, you may be able to spray the petticoat with a water-resistant spray. Make sure to test the spray in an inconspicuous area so you can be sure it won't discolor or damage the fabric.

If wind is in the forecast too, pick up some sinkers from your local sporting goods shop. These fishing weights usually have small loops at the top of the weight to tie the fishing line. Taking a needle and nylon thread, you can stitch these weights to the hem of your dress to keep your skirts from blowing up in the air. You want to make sure the weights don't tear the fabric, so be careful sewing them on tulle or chiffon.

Protecting the Outside of Your Dress

Protecting the top of your dress can be tricky if it's raining heavily.  Consider using a longer veil as a shield for delicate fabrics. You may also want to search for a shrug or jacket that matches your dress. If you can't find white, aim for a color that matches your wedding theme.

If you have enough warning before your wedding, consider renting a tent. If available, you could protect most of your walk down the aisle. If tents aren't available on short notice, stylish umbrellas make for cute wedding photos. 

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