4 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can be a wonderful ally in the process of planning your wedding. Wedding planners are typically drawn to the job because they love both people and weddings, and they want to help make your bridal dreams come true. They wear many hats from the moment you meet them through the end of your reception, and you may develop a great relationship with your wedding planner. Just be sure to keep in mind that you should not say the following things to your wedding planner.

Stop! Don't Say That You Trust Their Judgment on Everything

Although you may defer to your wedding planner on decisions that truly do not matter to you, it is important that you speak up about a lot of aspects of your wedding. Even the most experienced and talented wedding planner wants to customize your wedding day in a way that delights you, so don't leave it all up to your wedding planner. You call the shots, so you should be very clear about what you want.

Stop! Don't Ask for Them to Plan Your Reception Playlist

Although you may not care much about the music that plays at your wedding reception, your guests certainly will, and it may be important to your groom. You never know how your musical interests may conflict with the wedding planner's choices, so be sure to step up and take part in choosing music for your reception. You may opt to have both a live band and a DJ who is in charge of playing music, or you can keep things very simple with a playlist of songs set up.

Stop! Don't Ask the Wedding Planner to Intervene with Personal Drama

Although your wedding planner can sometimes be a sounding board for any problems you face with the planning of your big day, they cannot be expected to fire a groomsman or let your mother-in-law know that she needs to lay off the drinking at the reception. Although the wedding planner can help with professional issues, they cannot be expected to intervene on personal issues.

Stop! Don't Say That You Could Have Done It Yourself

Unfortunately, sometimes a wedding planner's extremely hard work is dismissed by some guests or members of the wedding party. Don't join that bandwagon of naysayers. Never even jokingly tell the wedding planner that you could have done it all without their help. The best wedding planners make the job look effortless, but it is far from easy. Sometimes hours of work goes into the smallest detail of a wedding, and it often goes unnoticed.  

Finally, keep in mind that you can make special requests of your wedding planner, but do so early on. You can then let your wedding planner know what your expectations are, and they can let you know more about what they offer so that you can be sure that your expectations are a fair match with what you will receive. Having a wedding planner help you with your big day can make all the difference, and it can help ensure that your big day is full of fun. 

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