5 Offbeat Wedding Venues To Satisfy Any Taste

If you're planning a nontraditional wedding, finding the perfect venue that reflects your personality is key to creating the day you really want. Here are 5 offbeat venue ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Brewpub or Wine Bar. Small and casual wedding venues are increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional settings. Microbreweries, small pubs, wine bars, and cider bars make a simple and inexpensive alternative venues. Talk with a local bar about renting the facility for an evening -- which might be even easier and cheaper if you're open to a midweek date. You'll need little decoration to complement your wedding's charming ambiance.

Renaissance Faire. Want a wedding venue filled with fun and quirky flavor? Get hitched at the Renaissance Faire! These popular and family-friendly events are popping up all over the U.S. and offer a truly unique environment. Dress your bridal party in modern attire that merely hints at the bygone era or go full-on medieval. Either way, you can often enjoy perks like a royal parade, a beautiful outdoor setting, and professionally costumed attendees. Huzzah!

Fan Gathering. If you and your partner share a love of any hobby or pop culture phenomenon, you can often have a small ceremony at a fan get-together. Comic and anime conventions often offer a venue set aside for fan nuptials, or you can work with convention organizers to create your own -- in or out of costume. For fans drawn together by a shared hobby, this is the ultimate bonding experience.

Theater. Are you an artistic soul? Then, renting a local independent theater for your wedding might be just what you're looking for. Host a glamours old Hollywood premiere-themed wedding or hire some artistic performers to get your guests into the right mood. Local theaters generally boast an eclectic charm that fits well with bold bridal personalities. Look for perks like a big screen backdrop and food or drinks served at the theater.

Disney. What would be more magical and romantic than a fairytale wedding at a Disney park? All the Disney cruises and theme parks -- including Disney World and Disneyland -- offer a variety of options for couples to get hitched in differently sized and themed venues. Choices can range from decorated resort wedding venues to the outdoor beauty of Canada at Epcot Center to a ride in Cinderella's Coach.

No matter what your style or budget, you can find a great, unique wedding venue that will take your big day from drab to fab!

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