Touring Wedding Venues? 5 Practicalities To Look For

When choosing a wedding venue, you may see a lot of different locations and options. But it can be hard to know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask when touring potential venues. To help you find the right place, here are 5 things to be sure to evaluate.

Parking. If you take a tour of a facility during a week day, it may appear to have ample parking for all. However, how much parking is really available compared to your planned guest list? Where do vendors—such as caterers, bakers, and rental company trucks—park so as not to be in the way of guests? How many other events will be going on at the same time, and will this impact your guests?

Restrooms. Be sure to visit the restroom facilities during each venue tour. How are they maintained and cleaned? Ask the tour guide how often bathrooms will be attended to on your wedding day. What facilities can the bridal party use to avoid guests before the wedding? And if you will be having a large reception, you may want to find out about the availability of additional restrooms for guests.

Sounds. Take the time to stop and listen to what's going on around you during your tour. The ambience of your wedding could be damaged if there's a lot of nearby road traffic, other commercial vehicles moving around, air traffic, or surrounding business noises. Find out what's in the area that could affect the tranquility of your wedding day both by asking and by surveying the neighborhood on your own.

Audio. If you're planning an intimate wedding, the audio for the ceremony may not be very important since guests will be close enough to hear well. Take a moment to test whether everyone can hear the officiant clearly by placing people at various spots in your ceremony area. If the wedding will be larger, find out what audio equipment is available and whether you need to arrange anything on your own. 

Electrical. You may end up needing more electrical connections than you expect, so ask how many plugs will be available and where they are located. You can then coordinate this with the electrical connection needs of your DJ and sound system, caterers, decorators, and lighting equipment. 

Paying attention to some of these less obvious aspects of your venue will help you design the big day of your dreams with less stress and less fuss. And then you can get back to the business of having fun with your wedding. 

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