Want A Beach Wedding? Answer These 5 Questions To Plan The Perfect Day

A beach wedding can be one of the most romantic and beautiful ways to get hitched. But it does come with some logistical challenges to solve in order to make the day magical. As you plan your own beach wedding, make sure you answer these important questions.

1. How Can You Reduce Onlookers? Most beaches are public areas, and that can make it hard to have a private event. What is your plan for minimizing passers-by and preventing distractions? If working with a wedding venue, ask what arrangements they make for this. Can you mitigate the problem yourself by opting for a less popular season or time of day?

2. Where is the Reception? There are two choices for a beach wedding: just a beach ceremony or holding the whole event on the sand. Having the ceremony on the beach itself often is more manageable because of its short duration and limited maneuvering. After that, do you want to have the reception at a more traditional venue, or continue with a beach-casual theme and set up tables in the sand or on a nearby boardwalk? 

3. Can Everyone Make It? Think about the realities of walking around on the beach as well using nearby parking. Will all your older family members or friends be able to make the trip safely? Do you need to make any accessibility accommodations or give rides? Let guests know in advance that they should wear sensible shoes and cover up from the sun. And plan your wedding party outfits to keep everyone comfortable during the long day. 

4. Can You Accommodate the Elements? Beaches are outdoors, and that means that weather can change quickly. Have a backup plan such as a tent, windbreaks, or outdoor heaters depending on the season. Provide umbrellas or lap blankets for guests, especially if your wedding gets delayed. And consider having an amplifier to ensure everyone can hear the ceremony over the waves, traffic, or other beachgoers' noise. 

5. What Permits are Needed? If you're doing most of the planning yourself, make sure you learn what permits are needed and what rules you must follow (including size limits and time frames). Check with your venue on the physical space limits and what other guests will be allowed to do in the area. Check on noise ordinances and things like bonfire permits if applicable.

By answering these questions early, you will be able to host a magnificent beach wedding that you will love, and your guests will remember fondly for years to come. Contact a company like Yours Truly Weddings for more information and assistance. 

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