How To Negotiate For The Best Price For Your Wedding Reception Venue

You may be in the midst of planning your wedding, and one of the most important aspects of that planning is finding the right venue for your reception. You might wish to stick to a particular budget, and there might not be much wiggle room. This means you might want to negotiate with vendors and venues for the best price possible.

Many venues are not that flexible when it comes to pricing simply because they are usually very busy and offer a lot for the price they ask. You can negotiate the best price for your wedding reception, however, by following these simple tips.

Pick an Off-Season Date

In some areas, weddings are more popular in the summer and others in the winter. For example, a mountain lodge might have higher prices and be a busier time for weddings in the winter time, or perhaps a beach wedding might attract more people in the summer. If you are flexible with the month and time of year you wish to marry, you might have negotiating power for a better price to fit your budget.

The off-season is the better time to negotiate prices because the venues are slower and typically their prices go down. If you are flexible with your date, for example, a Wednesday instead of a Saturday, you may be able to negotiate for a better rate too.

Shorter Planning Time

The majority of weddings book months to years in advance at the most popular destinations. If you are willing to shorten the time of when you get engaged to when the actual ceremony is, you might be able to negotiate a better price for your venue. Just like with last-minute vacation bookings, many venues will offer discounted prices for closer to the date bookings in which they were unable to book for that time period.

Get Married in an Unusual Location

If you are more adventurous and wish to have a wedding that you will certainly remember for the rest of your life, then you could marry in an unusual location. This can also work in your favor in regards to booking your venue at the price that fits into your budget, as well as booking vendors as a good price.

Venues and vendors like to have diverse and interesting events to put into their portfolios to show potential clients. If this location is not one that receives a lot of wedding reception requests, it might be willing to negotiate a good price. For more information, contact your local reception venue.

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