4 Different Things You Can Rent, Instead Of Buy, For Your Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, you don't have to purchase everything you need for your wedding. Renting is one of the best ways to get the supplies you need for your wedding. You can rent a wide range of the supplies you will need for a great wedding regardless of if you are throwing a barn wedding or a black-tie affair.  

Chairs & Tables

With any wedding, you are going to need tables and chairs. If you are getting married outside of a church, where there are pews, you will more than likely need chairs for everyone to sit in during the ceremony.  

Then, at the reception, you will need tables, so people have somewhere to sit down and eat. You will also need tables for the food and gifts. Even if you are only planning on doing appetizers or finger foods, you will still want to have some tall standing tables so that people can set their food and drink somewhere.  

It is common to use the same chairs for the reception and for the ceremony. You can ask your guests to help you move the chairs, or you can have a team of people in place who will move the chairs from the ceremony area to the reception area. 

You can choose from a wide range of different tables and chairs. You can do with basic plastic chairs and tables, or you can rent farm-style wood tables and chairs or go for more modern and sleek looking tables and chairs. Choose a style of tables and chairs that fits with the overall decorative theme of your wedding.  

Chair & Table Coverings

Next, you will need coverings for the tables, and perhaps for the chairs. Once again, you don't have to purchase tablecloths or runners for all the chairs. Instead, you can rent them. You can rent tablecloths in a wide range of colors and styles for your weddings. 

You can even rent coverings for the chairs as well. The coverings are designed to go over the back of the chairs and help the chairs match with the rest of your decorations.  

You can even rent centerpieces for your tables as well if you don't want to design or make your own.   

Custom Bar

Not all venues come with a bar. If you want to have a bar at your wedding, you can rent a custom portable bar. Some bar rentals even allow you to hire people to run the bar from the same company as well, so that you don't have to post up a family member or friend to run the bar.  

Specialty Lights

Finally, you can rent specialty lights for your weddings. If you want to have little lights for all the tables, you can rent those. If you want to put up twinkle lights all over the place, you don't have to go digging through your stash of Christmas lights—you can just rent some twinkle lights. You can even rent portable chandlers and fancier types of lights as well.  

When it comes to building your dream wedding, you don't have to purchase all the elements of your dream wedding, you just have to find somewhere to rent them. Be sure to ask the venue you are renting, and see if they offer rentals through their business, or if they have partnerships with other rental vendors.  

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