Four Ways Your DJ Can Keep Your Wedding Reception On Track

The wedding reception is the party that celebrates your union, and you want to make sure you can enjoy every moment. This can be difficult if the reception starts running behind schedule or if there are unexpected circumstances. Your wedding DJ can be the ambassador of entertainment who keeps everything running smoothly. Here are just some of the many ways your DJ can make your reception the best it can be.

Managing The Schedule

Your wedding DJ can keep things running along throughout the entire reception, from the introductions of the wedding party to the very last dance of the night. Give him or her the schedule for the evening, including the time that each event should occur. For example, the DJ should know when the cocktail hour is over and when dinner should start. He or she will be able to change the music to indicate each change in events and let guests know where to focus their attention throughout the evening.

Managing Toasts

While your wedding party and family may want to raise a glass and say a few words individually, long toasts can cause delays for the rest of the evening. Let your DJ know who should be speaking so each person can be announced. He or she can also be in charge of passing the mic. This will make it easy to cut long or inappropriate speeches short. If there are people you absolutely do not want giving a speech, be sure to let the DJ know in advance.

Banning Certain Songs

Some couples have music they don't want to be played at the reception, and the DJ can make sure these requests are honored. Give the DJ a list of songs you don't want to be played, and he or she can reference it as people request tunes. This can help prevent surprises, such as a song that was significant to you and your ex. You may also want to give the DJ a list of songs you love, which can be played throughout the event.

Master Of Ceremonies

Your DJ can also serve as live entertainment, keeping the guests laughing as you get through family picture sessions with your photographer. He or she should be the one to announce the first dance, father-daughter dance, cake cutting, and other milestone events throughout the reception. By having one person in charge of each mini celebration, you can make sure that nothing is overlooked on your special day.

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