Avoid Wedding Woes By Choosing The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams For An Outdoor Wedding

There is nothing more beautiful than an outdoor wedding on the beach or in an old-fashioned flower garden. In fact, nature creates some of the most stunning and beautiful backdrops for a wedding day. Choosing the right dress for your outdoor wedding is important, and following a few tips will help you find the dress of your dreams.

Fabric facts

No bride wants to be sweaty and overheated when walking down the aisle. If you are planning a late spring or summer wedding, you should choose a wedding dress constructed of fabrics that are light and airy to avoid becoming overheated if temperatures are high on your wedding day. Good fabric options for an outdoor wedding in warmer months include lacy fabrics, cotton fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, and chiffon fabrics.

For an outdoor wedding in cooler months, choose a dress constructed with heavier fabrics to keep you warm. Wedding dresses made of velvet are good options, as are heavy cotton style dresses. You should also consider a dress with long sleeves versus three-quarter or short sleeve styles. 

Design styles

Consider the mood you wish to create for your wedding day when dress shopping. If you want to create a storybook romantic wedding and your venue is an old-fashioned flower garden, a wedding dress in a traditional style will work well. For a beach wedding, choose a style that is simple, flowing, and carefree. For a wedding taking place on a mountainous landscape, a rustic-looking gown will be appropriate to match the rough and unspoiled terrain.

Location matters

Depending on the location of your wedding, you will want a dress that is easy to walk in and is comfortable. Outdoor weddings often mean walking on ground that is uneven, especially if your wedding is on a beach or in a garden or mountainous location. Avoid dresses that can be cumbersome to get around in, such as dresses with long trains or bulky designs.

Be aware that outdoor weddings mean the risk of your dress becoming stained or dirty. If this is likely with the venue you have chosen, you may want to purchase a dress made of a special polyester material that is easier to clean if you plan to preserve your wedding dress.

Having an outdoor wedding will give you plenty of wedding dress options to choose from when shopping at the wedding dress boutique. Any type or style of dress can be worn for an outdoor wedding. However, following a few tips will help you choose the best dress for your wedding style and location.  

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