5 Gorgeous Ways To Coordinate Bridal And Wedding Attendant Bouquets

The flower bouquets are a big part of the bridal party's overall aesthetic and style. Coordination among them is key. What methods can you choose from to coordinate the bride's and the attendants' flowers? Here are a few approaches and what they add to the wedding. 

1. Same Bouquet, Different Size

One of the easiest ways to differentiate the bride's flowers from everyone else's is to simply make their bouquet larger. This method generally creates a very harmonious appearance when all the party members are together, but it still draws attention to the all-important bridal bouquet. 

2. Same Colors, Different Blooms

If you want to have some fun with bouquets, focus on a thematic color rather than specific details. For instance, you might opt for pink bouquets all around but start by deciding which blooms you want for the bridal flowers. These might be your favorites, the largest, or the most romantic or exotic. Then, come up with a selection of similarly-hued flowers of different types for the attendants' bouquets. 

3. Same Bouquet, Different Colors

Want a stark and eye-catching contrast? Create a stunning, single dominant color bouquet for the bride and a single contrasting color for the attendants. A bride might carry a round ball of white roses to match her dress, for example, while the attendants carry round balls of pink flowers to match their own. The contrast naturally creates a focus for attention. For even more fun contrast, give the colorful bouquet to the bride and neutrals to the attendants. 

4. Same Bouquet, Different Shape

Similar to the trick of making the bridal bouquet larger, you can also give it a shape that immediately sets it apart. Some brides add the extra drama of a cascade of greenery and/or flowers to give their bouquet a longer shape compared with round attendant bouquets. Or craft the bridal bouquet in a heart shape, a rustic natural display, or a bold crescent. 

5. Same Flower, Different Bouquets

Finally, keep in mind that not everyone has to carry a full bouquet. With this approach, the bride carries a bouquet that features statement flowers or is entirely made of one flower type. Attendants might carry a single, long-stemmed version of that flower, a pomander, or that flower in a basket or hoop. Everyone is clearly coordinated, but the bridal bouquet stands out in a unique way. 

Where to Start

Which of these approaches is right for your wedding? No matter what your goals, budget, wedding party, or theme are, start by meeting with a wedding flower provider in your area. With their expertise, your bouquet vision will soon be a dreamy reality. 

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