The Magic of a Woods Wedding: Choosing a Location for Your Fairy-Influenced Celebration

If you’re looking for a unique and enchanting wedding venue, consider exchanging vows in a magical woodland setting. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by towering trees, the sweet sound of birdsong, and the gentle trickle of running water. With a few key considerations, a wedding in the woods can be a fairy tale come true.  

Research Venue Permits and Regulations

Before you start your hunt for the perfect woodland venue, it’s important to do some research about local parks and forest areas. Check if a permit is required to hold an event in the area, and make sure you know the rules and regulations for that location. It’s important to confirm that the setting allows for the accommodations you require, including electricity and plumbing for catering and bathrooms.

Consider Your Wedding Theme

A forest wedding provides the perfect backdrop for a fairytale-themed celebration. From invitations to centerpieces, let the enchanted woodland inspire your wedding’s unique décor and atmosphere. Consider incorporating fairy lights, floral and wooden arbors, as well as subtle nods to your favorite fairy tale characters. Displaying an array of tea lights and candles along with forest greenery and moss will give your venue an enchanting, magical glow.

Think About the Weather and Time of Year

With an outdoor woodland wedding, planning is essential. While sunlight shining through the leaves can create a beautiful setting for a daytime wedding, you might consider setting a date in late summer or early autumn when the colors of the trees are changing, the weather is less likely to change abruptly (as it tends to do in spring), and the evening light becomes even more picturesque. Tents or marquees are also a great addition in case of drizzly weather while still allowing for the overall ambiance of the event.

Choose a Location That Accommodates Your Party

The size of the location you choose for your wedding is crucial. The more people you’re planning to invite, the more space you’ll need for seating, dining, and dancing. Does your dream woodland setting have room for a DJ, or will you require an acoustic band? Make sure your venue has a suitable area for your wedding party to boogie down!

Take Refreshments into Consideration

When planning a wedding in the woods, keeping your guests comfortable is important. Consider offering cold refreshments like lemonade, tea, and water. If the temperature is warm, ice-cold and fruity slushed drinks will quench thirst while also adding a sweet surprise to the event. Setting up a s’mores bar is also a great treat to keep the party going.

Embrace the magic and whimsy of woodland surroundings by selecting a wedding location venue for your big day. With much to consider, from location size to decorating, finding the perfect location is merely the first step to building your ideal forest event. Once you’ve found it, you’re sure to create an unforgettable celebration embraced by nature and the magic of fairy tales.

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